Our experience covers the knowledge of companies from their internal management, we know what you need to carry out your transactions in corporate matters:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Foreign investment
  • Brands and industrial property in general
  • Securitization
  • Economic competence
  • Corporate governance, statutory reforms, corporate restructurings, increases and capital reductions
  • Formation of branches, subsidiaries, companies with special objects
  • Co-investment operations
  • Audits of regulatory compliance in matters of economic competition and anti-corruption
  • Analysis of vulnerable transactions and corporate planning.

We know the procedures and requirements of both closed and public listed companies, we offer general and strategic advice and help you to carry out these processes in a clear, orderly and efficient manner. We advise our clients on the legal status of companies with operations in Mexico which they wish to invest in or acquire in order to make an informed decision about the risks that are not as evident in complex operations as joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers.

Our corporate lawyers provide business services to national and international clients ranging from entrepreneurs and small closed-cap entrepreneurs to listed companies. We have experience in all aspects of corporate operations and advise our clients on matters related to the daily structure and internal operations of business entities.