Edmundo Olivares Dufóo was recently selected by her peers for inclusion in the 10th Edition of The Best Lawyers® in Mexico for his work in Aviation Law.

Olivares Dufóo y Asociados S.C. is founded as a response to the need for lawyers in the Mexican market with empirical involvement in the complexities of the aviation industry on a national scale, framed by structural reforms in central matters, and looking forward to a sustained growth in our country.

It is formed by experienced professionals with a qualified degree in the aviation industry, as well as in corporate and financial fields. We have an extensive knowledge about aviation, corporate and financial law and we understand how important it is for our clients to receive a prompt, accurate, and clear answer with a competitive, balanced, and fair cost. We know that transactional operations are full of details and sensitive processes which require a special and careful treatment, but most of all, we highly value the confidence of our clients.

Our expertise in the aviation field is wide and comprehensive: we cover from the revision, analysis and negotiation of airport, maintenance, code, sharing, leases and aircraft finance contracts, strategic alliances, to legal assistance related with IT issues, financings, M&A´s, securitization, bankruptcy and antitrust policies.

We assist our clients in the corresponding procedures to obtain aviation operating permits either regular or charter, traffic permits, airport services, negotiation, fuel contracts, migration, code share and so many other services as well as compliance matters related with the airlines operations. We advise our clients in the revision and negotiation of any kind of contract related with aviation industry.

We provide corporate advice about corporations, affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, shareholders, board of directors, corporate government, contracts, franchises and complex corporate structures matters. We have a solid corporate law practice which includes mergers and acquisitions, financing and securitization operations, international transactions, commercial agreements, joint venture agreements, technology agreements, corporate planning and foreign investment among many others.

We advise our clients in the diagnosis of their legal situation and audit, as well as any other corporation on which either they intent to invest, participate, or buy assets from, so they can take the best informed decision, providing them concrete information about the risks and costs implying complex operations. We have the capacity to do audits focused on antitrust and anticorruption regulation compliance. We provide advice on vulnerable activities and compliance of the applicable regulation

We are constituted as a firm offering integral services, always at the vanguard of the aviation industry in Mexico, evolving at a modernist rhythm, and looking forward to becoming your most efficient and reliable option with personalized attention.